Backwater Valves

Backwater valves can prevent floods, including flash floods.

Why a backwater valve?

Backwater valves are very useful to stop flooding.

Currently flooding in the GTA is a major problem and many homeowners are experiencing floods that can cost thousands of dollars just for repair. This frequency in flooding will only rise with the increase of global warming. However, backwater water can stop floods from happening.


How do Backwater valves work?

Backwater valves can stop floods from occurring. The device works by using a flap to direct water from your sinks, toilets and other appliances out of your home. The flap closes when a back-flow of water occurs and this prevents the water from re-entering your home. The valve will also come with a transparent cover so that it can be easily checked on when needed. The backwater valve is most commonly installed inside of the basement, beside the main sewer lateral’s exit point. It is rarely installed on outside of a home and a sturdier pipe is required for this installation.


How are backwater valves installed?

Before installation, you will need a couple of things. You will likely need a city permit and a final inspection by a city appointed inspector. Our team at Aqueduct Plumbing will point out this out before we conduct any repairs, and we will be able to book city inspections at your satisfaction.

Backwater valves have a couple of installation requirements:

  • The installation process will take approx. one day
  • The valve can be installed either on the inside or outside of the foundation wall

By installing a backwater valve, it will act as a guard for your home. When a flash flood occurs, the backwater valve is one of the only devices that can completely protect your home. 

If installed properly, the valve will be able to stop water before it gets to the drain of your building. To ensure that the valve is properly working, it should be checked on annually. That is why our team at Aqueduct Plumbing is dedicated to providing installation and annual check up for your backwater valves.