4 Ways to Keep Hair Out of Your Shower Drain

Hair accumulation in the shower drain is a common problem that can lead to clogs and slow draining showers, creating potential plumbing headaches for homeowners. At Aqueduct Plumbers, we understand the challenges this issue presents and offer proven strategies to help prevent hair from clogging your shower drain. Here are four effective methods to implement right away to keep your shower drain flowing smoothly.

1. Install a Hair Catcher

Why It’s Effective: A hair catcher is a simple yet effective tool that sits over the drain and catches hair before it enters your plumbing system. This prevention method is straightforward to implement and works wonders in reducing clogs.

How to Implement: Choose a hair catcher that fits snugly over your shower drain. Options range from metal screens to silicone designs, each intended to trap hair while allowing water to drain.

2. Regular Cleaning of the Drain

Why It’s Important: Regular maintenance is key in preventing hair build-up. Over time, even small amounts of hair can accumulate and form a clog.

Scheduled Maintenance: We recommend cleaning your drain weekly. Lift the cover, remove any visible hair with gloves or paper towels, and rinse the cover before replacing it.

3. Brush Your Hair Before Showering

How It Helps: Brushing your hair before entering the shower can significantly reduce the amount of loose hair that might end up in the drain.

Best Practices: Make it a routine to brush your hair thoroughly before showering. This method is particularly effective for those with long hair and can help in minimizing the overall hair fall during a shower.

4. Use Chemical-Free Drain Cleaners Regularly

Preventative Maintenance: Using a mild, chemical-free drain cleaner on a monthly basis can help dissolve any minor clogs and clean the walls of the pipes, reducing the likelihood of hair and soap scum build-up.

Product Recommendations: Opt for enzyme-based cleaners that are safe for your pipes and the environment. These natural cleaners break down organic materials like hair without the harsh effects of chemical cleaners. For recommendations, check our detailed guide on effective plumbing tools.

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