The Most Common Plumbing Myths

When it comes to plumbing, some methods that appear to be useful will end up doing more harm than good. There are many methods available online that act as a plumbing fix or cleaning method, but they may end up being myths.

Should you put lemon in your disposal?

On the spot, putting lemons down the drain sounds like a great idea. However, while putting lemon down your drain may create a great scent, it is only temporary. The citric acid from the lemon will affect the metal piping of your disposal. Doing this could damage your pipes in the long-term.

Instead of using lemon, ice is a better alternative. By using an ice cube to clean the inside of your disposal, you can avoid damaging it. This method may be noisy, but it will keep your pipes in good condition. For harder odours, you can power wash the debris from your drain. This method will also keep your disposal from becoming damaged over time.

Should you use in-tank toilet cleaners?:

In-tank toilet cleaners appear to clean your toilet for you, but this is not entirely the case. When using an in-tank toilet cleaner, it will create a bleach build-up in your toilet tank. This build-up can affect your toilet and in some cases, it can get it to stop functioning entirely. 

Instead of using a tank cleaner, you can use vinegar and pour it down the overflow tube. Vinegar will remove the build-up while also keeping your toilet clean, at a significantly cheaper rate.

Should you run while using your garbage disposal?

This method may seem harmless as water will make it easy for waste to go down the drain. This is not the case if your pipe has already been clogged, as the water will not clear out the blockage. In some cases, the water may even make the blockage worse and this could make it more difficult to clear it out. 

To clear up a blockage at your disposal, you should use the sink basin. By filling up the sink basin with 1/5 of water and the rest being waste, it will allow the debris to flow down the drain.

If everything is going down the drain, then it is working correctly, right?:

If everything is going down the drain, then this means that only what you see is going down accordingly. However, just because something is going down the drain with ease, it does not tell you the entire story of the condition of the pipes. Some foods such as rice can get stuck in pipes causing clogs and pipe blockages. These clogs will get worse if they are not rinsed down accordingly.

To prevent blockage and clogging problems before they even happen, you should fill your basins with water before draining. Doing this will allow waste to travel more smoothly through pipes. It will also limit the possibility of unexpected clogs. For a shower, you should use a hair screen on your drain to reduce the likelihood of hair travelling down and causing a clog. 

Does every plumber know what they are doing?

A plumber may have the title, but this does not guarantee that they are qualified to conduct services. Plumbing is all about accuracy and understanding of the needs of the customer. By doing so, the plumber will be able to perform an accurate and precise plumbing inspection and repair, so that you do not have to worry about having to get frequent plumbing repairs.

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